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25 shirts per design.

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We offer custom sized posters.
Please contact us for custom pricing!

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Pricing does not include shipping and assumes a standard turnaround time of 10 business days plus transit. All pricing is subject to change once we review the art and project details.
Virginia sales tax applies to all liable Virginia-based customers.
There are many more products, t-shirts, and paper stocks available. If you are unable to find the right options for your project, email us the specifics and we will contact you directly.

Using the screen printing pricing calculator

Quickly get an estimate for your next screen printing project. Just follow these simple directions using the form above. When you’ve dialed in your details, you can send them along using the form to officially get your project started.

  1. Choose your product using the tabs along the top: Apparel or Posters.
  2. Select the apparel or paper type
  3. Enter your quantity, locations and other options
  4. Preview pricing and make adjustments on the fly
  5. Once you’re happy with the details, select “Get Started” to review the order. You can then send us an email to begin the project

Disclaimer: This pricing is subject to review. We will provide an official estimate after the submission of the art file, size breakdown, and due date.